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This month we are featuring 2 books to help you with your garden planning and to help you have a successful gardening experience this growing season.  We are offering 20% off of these two titles: The Vegetable Gardenerís BIBLE by Edward C. Smith and The Essential Garden Design Workbook by Rosemary Alexander.

The Vegetable Gardenerís Bible
, by Edward C. Smith is packed with color photos on almost every page and is broken down into three sections.

The first section, From Seed to Harvest, introduces the reader to Edward Smithís, wide, deep, raised bed method, as well as a how-to on  selecting seed catalogs, seeds, deciding what to plant, crop rotation, companion planting, seed starting, cold frames, greenhouses, row covers, watering guides and systems, mulching, fertilizing, planning your garden, growing and harvesting.

The second section, The Healthy Garden, focuses on soil health, composting, how to naturally deter detrimental insects and how to attract beneficial insects.

In the third section of the Vegetable Gardenerís Bible features the Plant Directory, with vegetables and herbs from Amaranth to Watermelon,  as well as optimal soil pH, nutrients, sowing instructions, growing, fertilizing, mulching, weeding, harvesting, use and storage tips.  He also lists his favorite early season and late season vegetable varieties.  

The Vegetable Gardenerís BIBLE is one book that we would highly recommend for gardening success.  

The Essential Garden Design Workbook by Rosemary Alexander

Be your own landscaper. The Essential Garden Design Workbook will take you through a step by step process on how to plan and landscape your yard. It goes to the basics, pinpointing the key practical essentials for a successful garden.  This is a very comprehensive do-it-yourself workbook that provides clear and practical guidance through every stage of designing a garden.  You will learn how to assess your site and experiment with designs that will fit the needs of your space.  It will also tell you how to estimate the growth of trees and surrounding plants, so you can plan for the future.

Landscape is more than just the vegetation; learn how to select suitable hard landscaping materials that will add that special touch and complete look to your yard and garden.  The Essential Garden Design Workbook is tailor-made for hands-on gardeners who want to rework their gardens to achieve that sought after designer look. This is also a great resource book for students in the School of Natural Healing in the Herbalist section of the program to help them complete their garden design assignment.

There are hundreds of explanatory drawings, quick reference diagrams and color photographs that can help you give your yard that professional touch.
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